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Fuck Marry Kill Review 2022

Fuck Marry Kill Review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 59%
Quality Matches 67%
Popular Age 26-35
Profiles 2 570 000
Reply Rate 95%
Ease of Use 9.6
Popularity 5.8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Registration and configuration in Fuck Marry Kill is very simple and easy to do
  • It has a nice design for users to see
  • The use of the platform is automatic and intuitive, and you will find everything easily
  • The experiences of all users are good and fun
  • Members of this community are friendly and responsive
  • Many of its features are free
  • Paid features are cheaper than other dating platforms on the market
  • This application does not have a desktop version
  • You cannot register if you do not have an account on Instagram or Facebook, it will even be difficult for you if your profile is empty
  • The paid functions are very limited
  • The platform does not have a search option, with this you should always trust the matching function of the system
  • The a game and fun site, for people with more serious intentions will not be the appropriate application

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What is Fuck Marry Kill?

Do you want to meet people and feel a romantic relationship? You should read this Fuck Marry Kill review. In this platform, you will have the opportunity to play Q&A, but this time is dating. This mobile dating app offers you an exciting and interesting way for you to find a partner. With the Fuck Marry Kill review, you will have what you need.

FMK is based on asking who you would fuck, who would you marry and who would you kill. It is a game where the user must choose between 3 profiles with the previous questions. If both profiles chose the category of marrying, you and this person could become a couple.

When you already find your partner, it will be when the true love game begins. This is an app that came out in the market in 2017, and at first, uses the game Fuck Marry Kill and then applies it to online dating.

Active users of this application are young people between 18 and 20 years old who are looking for emotions, fun, and love. They show you three profiles, and you must choose who to kill, who to fuck and who to marry, it would be like choosing between seductive, attractive and repulsive.

Is The Fuck Marry Kill App Legitimate, Or Is It A Scam?

Fuck Marry Kill

For its creators, this is not a dating application but an innovative invention that allows you to meet people. In this place, people enter without a clear objective in mind of what they want. It is not common to find users who want something serious from the beginning; it is like going to a bar, playing, and seeing what happens without being serious.

Fuck Marry Kill is a site that allows you to have fun while meeting people. Like all dating sites, you should be careful about the data you supply or disclose. You should always be cautious and even know a profile well.

Although the staff of this application does an approval of the profiles, you can find spam profiles like in any dating site on the internet, but the app, as such, is not a scam.

Many call it a dating app for others; it is a game app for fun, but rest assured it will be very entertaining. It is different from the other applications on the market because you can have fun and meet lovely people.

The Dating and Gaming App Membership Structure

Fuck Marry Kill Dating and Gaming App Membership Structure

Most of the members who are registered in this application are teenagers or young people of 20 years. The vast majority of users are college students or active Instagram users.

You can always find a good partner to chat with whenever you are active. For users to register, they must be over 18 years old.

Who Frequents Fuck Marry Kill The Most?

It is an application used by both boys and girls who want to have fun and play for a while and, at the same time meet people to go out and have a relationship that is not serious. No matter where you are, you can register and start playing.

Age Distribution

Fuck Marry Kill Age Distribution

As mentioned above, this is a social experiment application; you can play it just for fun, to go out, or to conquer. The age of the users is between 18 and 25 years.

How Is The Registration Process?

Do you want to register in these games and dating applications? You should look no further with this Fuck Marry Kill review. You will learn how to get your profile. Registration is very easy; you can do it through your Instagram or Facebook account. You do not need to fill out a form with your personal information.

For registration, you do not need to upload a profile photo, nor do you need an email address to register.

It is an easy and simple process; in a few minutes, you can have your account in this application. By using your Facebook or Instagram accounts, all details and information will be linked to this record. You can rest assured that the FMK app will not share any information on your social media accounts.

This is a very good option to complete your registration in an online dating application. This can offer you some legality of the profiles, although it must be remembered that false profiles can be found on any social network. You must be 18 years of age or older to register with FMK.

The Fuck Marry Kill-team will be in charge of reviewing all the account information supplied manually. For this reason, it is best to use your original account; approval may take up to 30 minutes, but generally does not last more than 6 minutes.

Create a Profile in FMK

Fuck Marry Kill Create a Profile

It is an application that is only available for Android mobile devices. To create a profile, you must register. You must have an account on Facebook and Instagram; from there, you will already have all the information you need for your profile.

With these registration options, you will have a more authentic process in your account. When your profile is already set up, you are ready to start using this dating and gaming application.

How Is The Quality Of The Profile?

Fuck Marry Kill Quality Of The Profile

The quality of the profile and the information that appears of each user is much lower when compared to other online sites. The profile interface is well organized, and you will be able to find the functions without a problem. You can identify users by their ages, profile photos, and by their names.

All Fuck Marry Kill users will have the opportunity to add their respective universities. Profiles can be linked to your Facebook or Instagram account.

Currently, it is very difficult to know if a profile is real or not, but the staff will be in charge of reviewing the information. If they find any false or misleading information, they will reject your request immediately. If you want to use this application to meet people and have a serious or casual relationship, you must use your original account.

Most players or FMK members only have a profile picture. Hence you can choose the one you like best. This app has become a great community for online dating today.

Can You Deactivate An Account On FMK?

Fuck Marry Kill Deactivate An Account On FMK

If you have an account and no longer want to be part of this community, you should know that you can cancel or disable it. You just have to go to the Settings option of your account and follow the system’s instructions.

You should know that you can activate a deactivated account when you want, and you do not lose your profile.

How Do I Search For Contacts On This Website?

For there to be a match between 2 users, both must vote for each other. If two people vote in the same category or intention, it becomes a party, and they can start chatting or exchanging messages.

You will have the opportunity to filter or customize matches by gender, age, location, etc. You can send winks for an instant user; you can also use membership to get additional contact options.

As you can see, connecting with that special person will be fun and entertaining. Being a matching game you can choose between getting married, fucking or killing makes it more attractive, that’s why it has become such a popular application since 2018.

Messaging and Chat

Fuck Marry Kill Messaging and Chat

You can send and receive direct messages for free; you can count on your users after the game.

This application also allows you to interact with your users through winks, to send them, you just have to press and hold the profile that interests you. After a moment that special person will receive a wink from you, to have this option you must pay.

Usage Platform

The Fuck Marry Kill Review gives you the information you need to use this online dating and gaming app. Not available for PC, it is a version for mobile devices. You can download it simply and free.


It does not have a desktop version because it is a mobile application.

Mobile Version

As already mentioned in this Fuck Marry Kill review, it is only available for Android and Apple devices. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store and the Play Store.

It will ask you to connect to your Facebook or Instagram account to register. The application has an original and great screen, and its interface is dynamic and easy to navigate.

FMK Application Design

Fuck Marry Kill Application Design

The Fuck Marry Kill application has a design that is easy to use; it is a platform with an attractive and dynamic urban appearance. For people who do not have experience in this type of application, it can be overwhelming at first, but for young people, it will be very simple and easy to navigate.

It will allow you to have fun, play games and meet new people in different places. It is reputable on download sites and has a 4-star rating.

Website Features

  • You can play with other users, and you can filter or customize by age, gender, and location
  • You can invite your friends from Instagram or Facebook, just send the invitation
  • You can see your statistics and your type of person
  • For you to chat with other people, you must match them when playing
  • To access this application, you must have a Facebook or Instagram account
Fuck Marry Kill Navigation Site

It is a dynamic and easy to navigate application for people who already have experience on these platforms. It is an addictive, fun, and social tool, where you can enjoy and meet people from anywhere. You can customize your profile by sex, age, and by location you want.

You can choose to talk and chat with people of the same sex if you want. Just chooses the gender of your preference.

Fuck Marry Kill Costs And Prices

FMK is a relatively inexpensive app when compared to other online dating platforms. The costs are:

  • For winks:

30 credits: EUR 8.49

20 credits: EUR 6.49

10 credits: EUR 3.49

  • VIP membership

1 week: 4.99 EUR

1 month: 2.49 EUR

3 months: 1.99 EUR

Free Version Vs. Paid Version

The free version is quite limited and basic, with the free version you can register and send and receive messages. Below you can have detailed information on both options:

Free services

  • You can create an account
  • Send and receive messages
  • You can invite friends to try the application
  • Allow you to play fuck, marry or kill

Paid services

  • You can send winks
  • Allows you to see who has voted for you
  • You will have a power vote
  • You can improve your profile
  • You have access to VIP membership

How to Pay In Fuck Marry Kill?

The Fuck Marry Kill review will let you know how you can pay to have your membership in this application. The steps to follow are the following:

  1. You must be logged into the application
  2. Click on buy VIP membership or buy Winks, both options can be found without problem
  3. The system will take you to a payment page
  4. When you are on this payment page, you must cancel
  5. When the process ends you will receive a notification to start using your paid service

Payment System

Fuck Marry Kill only has one payment method:

• By mobile phone

Protection and Security

It has a security system to protect all its users. The FMK team is responsible for verifying profiles to avoid false profiles. If they find false or misleading information, they will not accept your request. Despite this, you can find some fake profiles.

You should only be careful at the beginning of who you trust, offer private information when you already know the user well. As in all social networks or applications, it is better not to share your bank information or personal data. This is a very safe application if you use it responsibly, you can make your payments without a problem.

The information you provide will not be shared with third parties; no information will appear on your Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Is There A Scam In Fuck Marry Kill?

The Fuck Marry Kill review gives you safe information on this platform. You will be able to meet real people to have a friendship or for casual relationships. The professionals of this application are in charge of verifying the users who want to register. If you find a fake profile, you will recognize it immediately.

Other Special Features Offered By The Application

Below you can learn about the special features of this online dating and games site:

  • Who voted for you: You will see people who voted for you but who do not consider you in the game. With this option, you can increase the number of profiles with which you can communicate or chat.
  • Improve your profile: You will be able to receive more votes and have the opportunity to appear in the first matches of other users. You can increase the portability of meeting a special person and be more visible to other members.
  • Send winks: You will have the opportunity to send winks to all the people you like. Sending a wink will take you immediately to the list of matches or favorite people. It allows paying people to interact without having to play.
  • Power vote: allows you to give the same vote to three profiles. It is a very useful option for users who do not want to kill anyone. It allows you to choose who to marry and who to fuck with the three people of any combination.
  • University Challenge: One of the features presented by this application is the University Challenge. By joining this option, you will be able to see which universities are the most popular in your country.


With the Fuck Marry Kill review, you could know more details about this application. It is an experiment that allows users to play and meet people for friendship or have a casual meeting. It is not an ideal application for people looking for a serious relationship because most of the users are just looking for adventure.

In this application, users look at the profile photos to start playing and decide who they want to marry, fuck, or kill. If another user agrees with you in one of these categories, they can start chatting and have a friendly relationship, where they come from, and that will depend on each user.

For many people, Fuck Marry Kill is an exciting and fun way to connect with people from various parts. It allows you to find what you want with a fun game. Although it is not listed as a serious dating site, you can be lucky to find your better half.

Do not you think it will be a good option to pass the time and, at the same time, find love? If you want to try it, you just have to register immediately.

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