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Swingtowns Review 2022

About Site
Active Audience 58%
Quality Matches 64%
Popular Age 26-37
Profiles 235 000
Reply Rate 97%
Ease of Use 8.9
Popularity 7.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Impressive experience of providing high-quality services for polyamorists and swingers
  • Huge online community with parties and real-world meetings
  • Reasonable prices
  • Numerous forums and blog that contains beneficial content
  • Standard members do not have access to communication options
  • Some people may consider SwingTowns to be very similar to the usual "social network.
  • Browsing online members may turn out to be a challenge

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What is The Concept of Swingtowns?

This SwingTowns review is going to introduce one of the most unusual and accessible platforms that are aimed at making your life full of vivid colors. SwingTowns started its history in 1999 as an excellent place for people who are interested in polyamory. As you know, it is not just a type of relationship like swinging. This is a unique philosophy, a way of life many people prefer to traditional communication between a man and a woman. If you are one of them, then you are in the right place. SwingTowns review will prove it, showing the main peculiarities, pros and cons, costs, and other options.

You are recommended to pay attention to this service if you are looking for a unique experience with any limitations. Here you will not deal with fakes or people who are just willing to have some fun. It is a perfect place to meet one-minders without leaving the comfort of your house with such key peculiarities:

  1. Huge user base
  2. Reasonable costs and good value
  3. The interface that looks like Facebook
  4. Action feed for activity upgrades
  5. Opportunity to search for Polyamory, Singles or Threesome Finder match

Is Swingtowns Scam?

Do you seek a SwingTowns review for information about the legacy of the platform? Then remember that the website is legit, and the issue of safety and security is one of the most important here. When navigating SwingTowns, you will see that some users have a status “Verified,” and it is not very easy to get it. The member can receive such status only from another subscriber. In this way, you may be sure that the owner of a particular account is a real person but not a fake. Thanks to combining such a great validation process with a convenient reporting system, SwingTowns remain pure and safe. You can also mention a friend in your profile who invited you to the platform or gave recommendations on it.

A Website Audience Analysis

Due to the purpose of SwingTowns, which is the meeting of couples, singles, and groups, it will be difficult to identify the member ratio. The platform is not a great choice for traditional communication like “female+male,” so it is challenging to calculate how many members navigate SwingTowns as well as what rate women have and what portion is occupied by males. Anyway, it is evident that here you can meet extraordinary attractive individuals who are not only ready for some sexual experiments but accept them as a philosophy of the whole lifestyle. So, you lose nothing if you decide to join this portal.

What Sexual Orientation Do Subscribers Have?

SwingTowns is a perfect place to start realizing all your hidden wishes and preferences. Here, you don’t have to think about how others feel about your lifestyle, whether they support it or not. There are no limitations because all members of the SwingTowns hookup platform have a common goal. They want to get incredible sexual experience without wasting time on long conversations, dating, and other stuff like this. Therefore, you will not meet here singles who are looking for traditional kinds of relationships. Groups, couples, and singles with a unique attitude to life are waiting for you to have the best time in your life.

Any SwingTowns review will not provide you with verified information on the age distribution. The reason is the same as with the gender rate. Owners of the account on SwingTowns may not be single, and register a profile for several people at once. For example, a couple that consists of 2 women and a man can be from different age groups. Hence, it is difficult to determine who visits the website more: 25-year grownups, 55+ aged people, or somebody else. Anyway, it will not influence the user experience for sure as SwingTowns is an awesome place for open-minded searchers of adventures.

All Truth about Joining the Website

You should register on SwingTowns to start enjoying all the benefits of the platform. The sign-up process is fast and will not make you feel confused. First of all, you need to select a type of future account. Feel free to choose from three possible options: polycule or couple profiles, single, or an account for swingers’ club. Do you want to select a polycule type? Then be ready to provide information about three or more people. Pay attention; in the future, you can switch it into account of a couple or single.

Afterward, you need to provide some persona information like username, valid email, secure password, the features of appearance, preferences for future search, etc. If you want, you can write a hello message that other members will see when browsing your profile on SwingTowns.

The next step of the registration procedure is to mention your preferences. You are offered to clarify who you want to meet on SwingTowns. The website system will show your account to people with the same aim. Then, the service will send you a welcoming message, but you don’t have to go through the verification process. Instead, you should upload the picture. Here you have two options. In case of a free subscription, you can attach an image and wait until the administration will check it, and then either approve or reject your application. Or you can select a paid subscription and back to the picture uploading later. Mind that you can change the privacy settings of your album, but you must have a paid membership on SwingTowns.

Does a Profile Quality Matter?

As SwingTowns review states, you have two main pages in your account. The first one is the homepage, and the second one is a profile page. On the homepage, you can observe statistics and change preferences. Look at the left part. Here you will see plain gamification to get started. These are tasks after completing which you will be able to move on and create a connection with other visitors.

On the profile page, you can change your photo and edit personal information. Be careful and do not include the data that is not about you. In this case, you will pretend to be someone else and diminish chances to meet a perfect partner or even partners on SwingTowns.

What Communication Options Are Available?

SwingTowns provides numerous options for searching for a suitable partner. Feel free to find the union of your dream via such options as:

  • Nearby
  • Pages, groups, and clubs
  • New
  • Travel and events
  • Location

Also, you can have two different types of searches. In one case, you establish search preferences and browse available profiles. Or, you look through the profiles that are shown by the ST system. When you complete search and you’ve found the desired interlocutor, you may start your communication at last. But be attentive as the chatting option is possible only if both people liked each other. In this case, you will see a mailing option. So, send message requests or “likes” and wait until the member will either deny or approve it. There is also one extra option on SwingTowns that allows you to see whether the message you sent was read.

What Platforms Does SwingTowns Support?

A wide range of hookup websites makes people start examining all features that a definite platform has. Users are looking for some fun and satisfaction; hence they want to enjoy as many options as it is possible. While many websites have both PC and a mobile version that you can choose from, SwingTowns can’t boast such an opportunity. But let’s not jump to conclusions and see what platforms are available for all types of subscribers.

Features of a Desktop Version

SwingTowns has a desktop version that means you will be able to create an account, edit profile, search for the desired partner, and perform any other actions on a big screen of your favorite device. This navigation is very convenient and will appeal to people who can’t stand using a smartphone for suchlike activities. You will see all buttons and bars clearly without worrying about missing some important information.

Does the Portal Have a Mobile Application?

Are you looking for SwingTowns mobile application to stay in touch with favorite members on the go? Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist. It means you will not be able to communicate with others when you are not at home via a special application. However, you should not get upset since there is a nice alternative to the SwingTownsmobile app. You can benefit from a mobile version of the website and browse it on your smartphone. Of course, it is not as convenient as a mobile app, but it still is a good way to contact your partners when there is no PC close at hand.

How Does the Website Look?

You should not expect much from SwingTowns in terms of design. The interface looks like an ordinary social network and resembles Facebook a little, but its simple version. On the page, you will see a header and an account picture. Also, you will notice shared photos in the profile’s history. The pages of the rest of the users look all the same. In general, the design is not overloaded with unnecessary buttons or tabs that will prevent you from going to a necessary section as soon as possible. Hence, you will not have any problems with site usability.

Is the Navigation on the Site Smooth?

As it has been stated before in SwingTowns review, the website has a simple design that will not complicate the navigation through the pages. Here you will see three categories for searching perfect interlocutors. They are called “Individual Finder,” “Threesome Finder,” and “Polyamory Finder.” Using them, you will quickly find what you need, no matter whether you are interested in individuals, couples, or unions. Afterward, you can start the communication with a chosen account.

How Much Do the Services Cost?

Almost every SwingTowns review states that the website is free of charge so everyone can easily register an account and navigate on it without limits. However, free subscription options are narrow, especially when it comes to communication with other members. That’s why it is recommended to purchase a paid membership.

In comparison with other similar platforms, SwingTowns has quite affordable prices, so all people will be able to become a premium member if they have some money. Let’s look at the prices. The monthly price is $15.95, but you can save greatly if you decide to join the portal for the whole year and pay for it in advance. In this case, the average monthly cost will low to $5.75.

Comparison of Free and Fee-based Features ofSwingTowns

Be sure, SwingTowns will impress you with the first click on the platform. Initially, it is considered to be a free portal where you can meet perfect partners for having a great time together. However, you can get access to a wider range of options if you want. For this, you should pay for a premium membership. It provides additional features for better search and communication with chosen members. But be attentive, once you pay for a premium membership, you are not allowed to change it to a standard one. So think twice before deciding to pay for fee-based services.

What is more, you should know that any refunds are not allowed as well. All operations here are considered to be done after finishing. Of course, you can get in touch with a support system and try to explain issues that might allow you to get the payment back, but there are no guarantees, that the administration of SwingTowns will return your funds.

How to Pay for the Website Subscription?

Did you decide to try paid membership on SwingTowns? Then be ready to invest some money for getting access to additional features of the platform. The whole process will not take you much time but open the door to a real-world of hot adventures. You can pay for SwingTowns subscription in any given way. For this, go to the account setting and choose the option of replenishing it. Be attentive and follow all instructions. Overall, you will finish the procedure in a few minutes and get funds on your account as soon as possible.

What Payment Systems Are Accessible?

Most potential members of SwingTowns are eager to find out more about existent payment options. Some of them may refuse using the website if it doesn’t provide systems that do not appeal to them. No one can face some discomfort even if the service has a great user base with awesome chances to meet the right people here. Luckily,you will not suffer from suchlike problems on SwingTowns. Choose one of the numerous options and replenish your account. But be attentive when mentioning the banking details. In case of some error, you will have difficulties with transferring money, hence using extra options of the portal.

The Features of a Security Policy

No SwingTowns review reveals any statistics about the data-leaking or any other problems with the user’s information. Creating an account on SwingTownsis quite simple and requires only a picture and email. However, you will not go through email verification and may use any image from the Internet. It will not be related to your account, so nobody will find out who owns it. Additionally, SwingTowns doesn’t provide an option to block other members in case of suspicious activity; hence anybody can easily steal your password as well as the profile. All in all, SwingTowns doesn’t appear to be a very safe website with a high-quality security system because your account may be stolen with ease. But due to the low requirements, you can benefit from discreet identity for the profile on SwingTowns.

Does the Website Include Scam?

The majority of SwingTowns users are following the philosophy of polyamory relationships. Due to the absence of payment for longer communication on the platform, you will hardly face any risks. Those who visit SwingTowns, do it consciously. So if you follow the same lifestyle and want to find the same-thinking people, then there is no need to worry about the scam. The only possibility to suffer from such a case is the arrangements that take place outside the SwingTowns dating platform. Users of the website are willing to get acquainted with one-minders, so there is no room for scammers.

Special Features of a Dating Platform

When you visit SwingTowns for the first time, you will see how it resembles a well-known Facebook. If you like to spend time on that popular social network, then you will also like this hookup platform. Besides, you will be impressed with a strong feeling of community because there are no fakes or those who intend to spoil your experience. The website provides visitors with both standard features and a few special ones. Besides the opportunity to communicate via video chat and online messaging, you can participate in discussions on any topics that are held in forums. If you also are passionate about getting deeper intothe polyamorylifestyle, then you are welcomed to a blog that is full of useful and impressive content.


It is high time to finish the SwingTowns review and summarize all mentioned above information. As you now know, SwingTownsdiffers a lot from other hookupservices, as it is not focused on matching the traditional couple. It allows you to communicate with a couple or even a group of people who follow extraordinary ideas of the lifestyle. You also are not recommended to join this website just to have an experiment as members of this portal do not take polyamory just as the way of entertainment; it is their philosophy. They are open-minded and eager to spend this time with satisfaction rather than following common socialstandards. That’s why here you can meet some special people and have a great time together.

For this, the portal provides a variety of options and still doesn’t have a stringent verification system as there is no such necessity. Most people come here for a definite purpose rather than spoil somebody’s experience. If you have any hesitations, whether this website is what you need and meets your expectations, then have a free trial. Remember that you can always delete an account and leave the site. But in most cases, you will not do this as this is a great place to realize all your sexual fantasies without any restrictions or judgment.

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