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Wooplus Review 2022

Wooplus Review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 52%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 21-50
Profiles 450.000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 8.9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • One-minute signup process
  • Free messaging for everyone
  • Super loyal and polite user base
  • Dating tips and entertaining articles
  • No limits to the number of photos in one’s profile
  • Email and photo verification eliminate fakes
  • Most of the services are available at no fee
  • Innovative design
  • Absence of a live video chat
  • There is a lack of male users
  • Searching and messaging work only on the mobile browser

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What Is Wooplus?

Do you want to know how to meet people of large sizes? With the Wooplus Review, you can meet curvy people with whom you can share your tastes and talk for hours. Wooplus Review will give you all the information you need about this incredible dating provider.

This website is for plump people who find it challenging to interact publicly with other individuals and prefer a portal for this. That is why our web designers seek to solve this problem by creating comfortable and simple pages that help the user in their love life.

You can communicate with great people around the world, have international friends and more. It’s just a matter of clicking and being willing to enter the world of cyber love.

What Are The Benefits Of Meeting People Through Wooplus

What Are The Benefits Of Meeting People Through Wooplus?

  • It is comfortable and easy to use the site.
  • Designed for curvy people of large sizes who want to love without any conditions.
  • You can meet people who are close to you since it has GPS monitoring that allows you to get to know each other better.
  • You can get benefits from the special membership.
  • You can create a personalized profile.
  • You have the convenience of being able to use it from anywhere.
  • You can open it on any device.
  • The protection of your identity does not expose you to cyber dangers.

What are the disadvantages of using Wooplus services?

  • They are paid services, which might be expensive for some people.
  • The use of GPS limits the control to view profiles that are not in your geographical area.
  • You may experience fatigue from using a screen too long.
  • Not all profiles are genuine people; some idlers invent profiles.
  • Be careful with the data you share within this network.

Legitimacy And Scams

Legitimacy And Scams

In the Wooplus Review, you will know that it has security systems that provide user protection. It is something that does not seem essential, but it is of great help to the user to avoid suffering from scams or other problems.

Wooplus has basic security systems that provide the user with limited protection within the web. You can navigate, but you must maintain mistrust and be cautious with what you share at the time of use.

It is a page that has the legitimacy services and permissions offered by web domains to function optimally. This serves to verify that they can respond in case of problems with any payment within the services they offer.

Members Structure

The dating website has more than 450 thousand profiles, which ensures it works well. So if you desire to know the love of your life through a website, you found the site.

Its members’ age range is from 21 to 50 years old; it has a wide age range to promote interaction between people as well as it has the facility to locate the photographs and see if that is the person that completes your life.

Sexual Orientation

Wooplus is designed for women and men alike, regardless of gender or age. Anyone who wants can use it. As previously mentioned, it has an international interface to facilitate contact anywhere in the world.

However, you have to know about the GPS filter that it groups people who are geographically close. You have to take this into account in case you desire to meet international people; you indicate it when creating your profile.

Age Distribution

The age distributions within the dating website are:

  • From 21 to 34 (there is 38%)
  • From 35 to 46 (there is 45%)
  • From 47 to 54 (there is 12%)
  • 55+ (there is 5%)

Profile Registration

Profile Registration

With the Wooplus Review you will know how to create a profile with your data when you enter this platform. To do this, you have multiple options. Just make a few clicks, and the profile creation begins.

You can create your profile on the website by filling out a simple questionnaire that filters your tastes and helps your selection. With these simple steps, the search for love will begin.

The other way to sign up for WooPlus is to link your Facebook account to the website, perhaps one of the easiest ways. It is a simple linking of accounts that will take the essential data of your account to complete the non-personal form.

Profile Creation

  1. Click Register on the home page to start the creation of your profile on the website.
  2. Select your gender.
  3. Create your username and password. This will help you enter and show on the web.
  4. Fill out the form with your date of birth, email, and preferences.

When entering all these data, a confirmation will be sent to your email just to verify that you are the user. This allows the web to be sure that you are the person you claim to be.

,b>Can Anyone Enter?

The platform establishes an age limit of at least 18 years old. The platform makes this filter so that you are responsible for all the acts that you carry out within the website.

Apart from that, you must have the necessary maturity to enter an online dating site and not judge.

As minors, you will not have a full and satisfactory experience on this website, and you can take serious risks. That is why the platform asks the users to be aware of and be sincere about their age to avoid future problems.

Messaging And Chatting

Within this community, the fastest and most effective way of communication is private and personal chats. This is an advantage for the user since he can freely interact with the person he wants and share a pleasant experience.

You can enjoy a chat forum where you will meet the coolest and funniest plus-size people in the world. After chatting in a chat forum, you can have private conversations with the most beautiful people that you have chosen.

If you want to meet a prominent beauty with wide curves, you came to the right place. With just one click, your love for large and pronounced curves can make you happy.

Platform Use

Platform Use

In the Wooplus Review, you will see that access to WooPlus can be done from any device that has a stable and broadband internet connection. For a better experience, use a smartphone as the connection becomes faster and less difficult.

The website is comfortable and dynamic, making it easy for the user to access. The uploading and downloading of content on the platform is not difficult, so it is easy and fast to talk to people in any place in the world.

Desktop version

The desktop version of this website features a warm color palette. This helps the user avoid straining or hurting their eyes by making it pleasant to browse the website for long periods.

You can access the page by clicking on this link http://www.wooplus.com/ or by merely typing the site name in the search engine. You will see a central image that identifies the site as the website, which is dedicated to curve lovers.

An access panel at the upper right corner allows you to find the option you want to enter easily. By sliding to the bottom, you will see the services offered by the website and the users of Wooplus.

App Description

The application only weighs 35 Mb, which does not take a large storage space inside the mobile help. It gives you the opportunity of controlling access within the app and can save megabytes of navigation for the user.

You can download this app from the Google Play Store or the iPhone App Store under the name of Curvy Singles Dating. It is an app that has easy access and an exclusive and striking design that is pleasant to users.

Membership of this website is completely free, which allows you to create a profile with limited benefits. To expand your benefits within the website, you must acquire the membership that offers you greater access to the website.

Design And Usability

Design And Usability

It has a simple and comfortable design that is pleasing to the user with pastel colors. It has a central image that identifies the purpose of the site, which, when accessed, makes it easy to understand what you can find here upon registration.

It allows its users to enjoy their online experience, allowing new users to have an opinion. The titles are consistent with the page, both in color and in size, and do not disrupt the view, which is very useful.

Its use is exclusively for people with curves who want to find their better half, and this website facilitates it. This does not mean that thin people are discriminated in this place. You must be clear that most of the people here are people with curves.

There are a lot of people on this website, allowing us to please all possible tastes. Free and comfortable interaction is guaranteed on the website.

In case you are fell victim to any abuse or psychological violence, the application allows you to block the user and prevent future contacts. That is why you can have a peaceful environment within the web.

Site Navigation

You can enter the website by clicking here: http://www.wooplus.com/. You can freely browse and view its content in detail. It is easy and fast loading since it is a website that contains low-pixel images.

Wooplus Costs and Prices

Wooplus Costs and Prices

In the Wooplus Review, you will know that the website contains paid memberships within which the platform offers benefits to the user.

Within the paid membership, you can:

  • Send unlimited messages to any other users.
  • Have access to profiles compatible with the given characteristics.
  • See people who like your profile.
  • Keep the romance alive using chat revival.
  • Use the website with no ads

Within the free membership, you can:

  • Create a profile on the web.
  • Take part in public chats.
  • View public profiles.

How To Pay

How To Pay?

This website has a VIP membership, which gives the benefits listed above and is awaiting improvement.

This membership has a modest price of $ 15 per year. You can pay in various ways explained below. And this may be a little expensive for some people who want to access the services of this website.

Payment systems

  1. Log in to your profile.
  2. Locate the button to buy membership and click on it.
  3. Select the payment method to complete the process.

You can pay them through the App Store mobile wallet or direct payment to any credit card or PayPal.

Protection And Security

On this website, you can see its security system that provides comfort to the user, which is highly valued. It has profile verification to detect bots, false profiles, and people who only seek sabotage.

Although the verification and security system is under armor, it can provide the user with safe and competent navigation. It complies with the specifications that a web page must have to be public.

In the Wooplus Review, you will know that it is recommended not to share content that exposes your security on these websites as it may be harmful.

Are There Scam Possibilities

Are There Scam Possibilities?

Never doubt that in this world, there is evil that only seeks to harm others for their benefit. For this reason, you have to be cautious with the content you share on pages of this site, as well as with the person you talk to.

No person is allowed to ask for money within this web site. They should not control all the information that you decide to share. You must be cautious in choosing who to share your information with.

So we cannot promise that within this website, you will not suffer from a scam since it is something personal. You must be the one to take the reins on this issue and decide how to keep control.

Keep in mind that the site does not have maximum security protection, only basic requirements.

Special Features

WooPlus Review will let you know the special features of this online dating site. This website offers an escape from the routine to those with big curves who want to look for love. For this, it offers a paid membership that gives you access and comfort within its network, here are some characteristics:

  • You will find profiles compatible with your tastes.
  • You can send the messages you want to the user you want.
  • Anyone can see your profile.
  • You will not have any advertisements.
  • You can search for people by location.

In addition to this, it offers a love opportunity for people of large sizes since they also have the rights to be loved. They offer the opportunity for these people to move freely and be happy to find people who accept them as they are. It is beautiful.



The WooPlus Review provides you with useful information about this dating site. This website is to find love and happiness through a lot of options that the website offers. Can you find fake profiles here? Yes, it is possible. Unfortunately, you can bump into some annoying bots.

This is your website if you desire to find a person of large size. Take into account that to be happy, you must search among many options, so open your mind to all possibilities.

This site was created to increase your self-esteem. It is the most beautiful way of meeting people and showing the love you feel for others.

This web site gives you the option to meet people to interact with and later see them personally if they are ready. You just have to put your beautiful personality so that everything works perfectly for you and the person you selected.

If you would like to find a person who wants to talk to you and who wants to listen to you, visit this website. Surely, you will find them on WooPlus.

Exposing yourself to the outside world is not easy, because it is full of criticism and falsehoods that can sometimes cause pain to the person. So on the website, you may feel safer because it is like a mask that you can show the world.

This can give you self-confidence and teach you how to deal with everyday difficulties that you face. But you should not allow yourself to be enveloped in this world. You must be authentic above all and demonstrate what you are worth.

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